Rainy Valentine’s Day Photowalk At Fisherman’s Wharf

Come see our rainy valentine’s Day Walk.


Would you like to see what we did on Valentine’s Day? We took a walk around Fisherman’s Wharf , again. It’s becoming quite a thing for us. Won’t you join us?

It was raining, so I had to be careful with my Nikon. But I do enjoy watching flowers get a bath. The city was washed clean and the colors were a nice contrast to the grey stormy skies. See the entire collection here.

Caught In The Hail On Clement Street

We got caught in the rain!

We got caught in the hail storm on our way to Clement Street for coffee. I didn’t have my Nikon so I had to make do with my iphone. Now that I broke my last iPhone using it in the rain, I have to be more careful. This is an iPhone 5 I believe. The sun came out on the way back home, just in time to catch some new blooms. But there were still signs of “weather” in the garden when we got home.