Rainy Valentine’s Day Photowalk At Fisherman’s Wharf

Come see our rainy valentine’s Day Walk.


Would you like to see what we did on Valentine’s Day? We took a walk around Fisherman’s Wharf , again. It’s becoming quite a thing for us. Won’t you join us?

It was raining, so I had to be careful with my Nikon. But I do enjoy watching flowers get a bath. The city was washed clean and the colors were a nice contrast to the grey stormy skies. See the entire collection here.

February Photo Walk Aquatic Park to Hyde St Pier to Pier 39 And Back

We parked at Aquatic Park, and I walked to Pier 39 and back while my loved provided beautiful busking saxophone melodies for me.

A long title for a long walk. Won’t you come join us? We parked at Aquatic Park, and I walked to Pier 39 and back while my loved provided beautiful busking saxophone melodies for me. Since my walk took me too far from him, a few other buskers had to help serenade me as well.

I may have gotten carried away with the photos on this photo walk. Is that possible? It took forever to process these, but I finally finished. There were so many that I broke them down into categories, by interest, for you.

Here are the street scene shots, for the people lovers, tourist, and street photographers. See the whole collection here.

Here are the sea lions shots from Pier 39. Yea, I got carried away. Are you obsessed with furry adorable marine life too? This collection is for you. See them all here.

Of course I found flowers. Flowers must be my spirit guides. I get utterly lost in them. So, naturally there are more flowers than just about anything. So flowers float your boat too? Here’s the collection for you.

What’s that you say? You’re a brave soul with a few minutes to spare and you want to see the whole collection? Well bless your heart! Here it is!

A Special Treat At Palace of Fine Art

Wait for it…See a magical busking experience!

On my last photo walk I came across a wonderful sight. Watch this video of a fantastic busker (which my video did not do justice to) to see something magical. Wait for it.

Wait for it……
Wasn’t that wonderful?

No seeds; just the music.

Snowy Egret Gone Fishing

While at Aquatic Park, on a photo walk, the other day I met this little Snowy Egret. Little Snow looks like a youngster yet. I had a blast following Little Snow down the beach and back watching the mad fishing skills. This was a good lesson in quick shots, as this busy fisherbird did not stand still long.

See the entire gallery here.

Exploring Hyde Street Pier

Wildlife, buskers, trollies, and even some mayhem! Come explore Hyde Street Pier with me!

Today I want to invite you to share an exploration of Hyde Street Pier. Rain or shine this is a colorful journey. Come see.

But wait there’s more! Wildlife, buskers, trollies, and even some mayhem!

Explore the entire gallery here