Happy Vernal Equinox!

Happy First Day of Spring, Happy Spring Equinox! Happy Spring Is Sprung Day! However you say it, March 20th is here, and it’s a full moon in Libra. Here’s the night sky captured with my Nikon D5300. I took these pictures on the corner of Arguello and California, in San Francisco, CA. A big thank you to James Gleason for letting me know it was out.

Happy spring. May it be blessed. Now let’s go celebrate! =)


Adventures In Golden Gate Park’s Stow Lake

Won’t you join us at Stow Lake?

Come along with us for a walk in Golden Gate Park. We’re heading to Stow lake, then the Lily Pond. It’s me and my daughter Alexis this time. Won’t you join us?

I didn’t have my Nikon so Alexis stepped up and took photos with her iPhone 6.

I tried my best with my old iPhone 5 too.

High Waters At Mountain Lake Park

Come see how high Mountain Lake is.

Have you seen how high the water is at Mountain Lake Park? Come on, we’ll show you. You won’t believe it!

I’m sorry, I only had an iPhone5 with me (I broke my iPhone7P, and my 6P, oh my!). But I documented what I could of the beautiful day and remarkable high water level. More rain is on the way this coming week, so I will be sure to visit the lake again soon to see what changes. For now, you can view today’s entire collection here. Thanks for looking!

Photo Walk to Pier 29 From Ghirardelli Square

Come join us on a sunny Presidents Day!

President’s Day was the first sunny day in a while. We took the opportunity to photo walk from Ghirardelli Square to Pier 29. Come see San Francisco in blue skies, before Karl the Fog rolls back in.

See the entire collection here. Thanks for looking!