Another Before And After: A Beautiful Walnut Side Table

I got my hands on another treasure and was able to put new life into this beauty. It had some issues, to be sure. But another man’s reject is my treasure. What exactly did he reject? Just a Late 20th Century Vintage Heritage Walnut Italian Neoclassical Style Side Table. In excellent condition it’s valued at about $400. Well worth it to me to try to get her back in shape, don’t you think?

Here’s my two tiered round walnut beauty before, during, and all cleaned up.

Here’s what she looked like when she came to me. Dry, faded, scratched, and with a considerably large (embarrassing) water stain on the bottom tier. Do you see it on the left edge over there? Sshh don’t talk about it.

Let’s focus on the positive. It’s a sunny day and there’s no wind. It’s perfect for working outside. Let’s get started.

After a day at the Atrium Spa (in our garden) getting hydrated, buffed, and pampered, she’s starting to shine. The scratches are barely noticeable. But the water stain was still there! Oh my, well, it happens. It just takes extra work. No shaming, please.

What water stain? I know right? I tear up over these happy endings too. Here she is in all her glory. Drum roll please…….. Ta da – The After!

The Before and After


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