UPDATE: Some Family Are Furry; One of Ours Is Missing!

It’s a Christmas Miracle Indeed! I posted this sad news 44 months ago. Today I get to share the GREAT NEWS that my little doggy niece Shawnee HAS BEEN FOUND!!! She is home safe and sound. Here’s the link to her incredible story.


May your holidays be as blessed as ours!

The Original Lynda Anne Art

Come Home! Shawnee Is Missing

If you’ve ever had a furry family member go missing, you understand the unbearable weight of pain, worry, and fear.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  Almost two years ago, we lost our beloved Snow.

Just a few days old Just a few days old

This Is Snow About The Time He Went missing This Is Snow About The Time He Went missing

We never got him back.  It still hurts.  It will always hurt.

And now it has happened again.  My little ‘niece’ Shawnee, a Shih Tzu, has gone missing.  Please keep her mommy and daddy in your thoughts and prayers.  Maybe with enough good wishes we can see Shawnee back home.

If you’re facing a similar hardship, I’m so sorry.  I found this article very helpful:


I hope it helps you too.  You are not alone.

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