Guess How Long It Takes The Fog To Roll In…Or Just Look Here And Find Out

Our hike this morning took us through the Presidio and down to Baker beach.  I snapped a few pictures as we made our way down the trail to the beach at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Here’s how long it took for the fog to roll in.

Looks to be a bright sunny day, right?

9:27 am

9:27 am


9:27 am

9:31 am

9:27 am

9:34 am

9:27 am

9:35 am

9:27 am

9:37 am

9:27 am

9:40 am

9:27 am

9:40 am

9:27 am

9:45 am

9:27 am

9:50 am

9:27 am

10:10 am - There she is!

10:10 am – There she is!  We had to get pretty close to see it.

It took 18 minutes for Karl the Fog to swallow the bridge.  Well, there it is.  Now we see how 20 minutes can change your whole day in San Francisco.  What?  That’s not fog?  Happy 4.20 =)

Join Us For A Walk After Spring Showers At Baker Beach

Come join us for our walk!  I didn’t have my Nikon, but I did my best with my iPhone6Plus to get some pretty views to share.  Here they are:


We took our walk down 1,000 Steps, including The Sand Ladder, to Baker Beach after the rain.


We ran into so many interesting characters along the way. But we didn’t visit this lizard too long as he still seems peeved about that whole tail thing.


There were flowers blooming EVERYWHERE!


So many colors


Bright and cheerful


Happy vivid




Make sure you fall in love with someone who doodles your initials.


Sand art inspired by the view


It was low tides and we got to see so many little squirts


Close up of close together


They gathered in the cracks


Some where big


Some where bigger


Interesting angles exposed by low tide


And on the way back, more amazing flowers


Dramatic in shapes


Dramatic in colors


If you love flowers and views this walk might be for you


Unless you aren’t a fan of stairs. That’s why we took pictures for you!


So many beautiful things to look at


Tiny dew drops sticking to flowers


More colors!


California poppies



Version 2

More water drops caught in a web


Drop on by 1,000 Steps


And say ‘hi’ to one of the bigger friends on the path.


Just be careful not to step on this little buddy


Is this my good side?


Or this side?  Thanks for joining us on our walk.  See you next time!

Starting Plant Communities

I moved a few little seedlings and clippings into their new neighborhoods today.  These little babies are tiny; they’re currently living in sauce cups.  But they will grow and I will help them move on then too.  They are rather like hermit crabs moving from home to home.   Meanwhile, they’ll decorate this antique dresser quite nicely.

The plants are:  KalanchoeEcheveriaDietes grandiflora (fairy iris), and Asplenium bulbiferum (mother fern)

We saw plenty of whales from the beach, here at Gray Whale Cove.  I didn’t have the right lens to catch any good shots of them on film, but if you look carefully you can see a puff from a blow hole and what looks like a rectangle log…that’s a whale.  Really.  I promise.  Anyway, the views are amazing.

Aptly Named Gray Whale Cove

My Twin Towers Memories

Many thanks to my sister, for sharing this picture of us in front of the Twin Towers back in the 1970’s. She is the pretty one. I’m the blonde kid with short hair.  My two brothers are also there. My little sister was still in the belly. She missed out.  Actually we missed out.  The picture would be better with her in it.

Have I Shared Any of My Black & White Photos With You?

Here’s some.  Click on any to see them bigger.  I hope you enjoy. Feel free to like your favorites.  Thanks for looking!  =)

Look Who Decided To Bloom Again!

I’m so proud of my little orchid.  She’s been with me for about a year now, and this is her second bloom.


And, two of her buddies are not far behind!! This darling just bloomed today (her second time).


And this little one is growing a new spike too! I can’t wait to see what her flowers look like.  I don’t know because she was a rescue. I found her abandoned on the corner a few blocks from my house. =(  But she’s doing great now! =)  Won’t be long until we get to see what she looks like in all her glory.


Don’t throw out your orchids when their blooms die.  They are still alive.  And if you love them just right, they’ll bloom for you again, and again.  If you don’t know how to take care of them, can help.  So can the American Orchid Society.  Good luck!  Don’t forget pictures – share your blooms!

Adorable Street Dancer Shows Her Moves At Pride Celebration

Here are a few street shots of an adorable dancer busting moves during the Pride Celebration last year.

Click on any one to see them full size.  Then just for fun, once the photos have loaded, you can click on the right arrow super fast to see her in action.  Click real fast on the left arrow to see her dance backwards.  Although, there are no hidden messages when you play her backwards.

It’s Pride Month! Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Pictures From Pride 2015

These are a few of my favorite pictures from the Sunday afternoon celebrations at the San Francisco Pride 2015.  I hope you enjoy.  As usual click to see them larger.

If you’d like to see more pictures from Pride 2015, I got that covered. 😉  Want to get involved in next year’s Pride?  Check out the SF Pride official web site.

The Rose That Decided to Stay, One Cut Flower’s Story

This cut flower took root in the vase and so was transplanted. After a few rough patches, a new season is in bloom. Here is the first budding flower, of many to come.

This dainty, lovely rose is the first bloom from a special plant.  This was a cut flower.  It took root in the vase and so was transplanted. After a few rough patches, a new season is in bloom. Here is the first budding flower, of many more to come.

From A Cuttling

From A Cut Flower With Odds Against Surviving

New Beginnings

To New Beginnings And Some Tough Times Too

Now Steadfast Roots

Now With Steadfast Roots Blooming Among Friends

You’re a Real Turkey! Another Spontaneous Photo Shoot

This spontaneous photo shoot happened on a rainy day drive on May 21, 2015.  From the passenger seat, I caught a glimpse of something moving in the meadow.  Like any good co-pilot, I gave a full second and a half notice as I cried, “PULL OVER!!”

What is that in the meadow?

What is that in the meadow?

Yup.  Just as I thought.  Something was scurrying in the growth.  I grabbed my camera and, with no thought for my safety, gave chase.  Here is the fruit of my labor (click to enlarge them).

PS.  I made it back safely.

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day, so I made this for you, Mom.  And you can share with your friends so they can enjoy it too!

Click on any picture to see a slideshow (larger) version.

You may be the mother of a child, cat, dog, horse, flower, friend, community.  To all women who nurture everywhere…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Taking A Moment to Celebrate My Mom’s Art of Storytelling 

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms, across every culture. Humans are hardwired for story.

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms, across every culture. Humans are hardwired for story.

My earliest memories are of my mother reading to me. She loved reading. She was fast. She was versatile. She could read and cook, eat dinner, virtually anything she could do with a book in her hand. She got it from her mother. My Nana. Nana always had a book in her hand. Sometimes it was really hard to shake Nana from her stories. She liked biographies, historical fiction, and trashy romance novels. She liked everything really. She just read.

But my mother read to me. She read to all three of her children, which meant we all got to share in much reading together time. I think she enjoyed the children’s stories as much as we did. At least she made it look good for us. She was animated and read in characters. It was fun. We didn’t need TV. We caught on to reading, each of us in turn, very quickly. I don’t remember any of us actually learning to read. We just started; I don’t know. I don’t remember. We all just read.

Mom would take us to the two consignment stores in town to buy used books for a nickel. We could buy as many as we wanted. We donated them back when we were done with them. We went to the library every other Wednesday, because books were due back in two weeks back then. I always got as many as I could carry. I preferred the nickel books at the second hand stores because there was no pressure if I lost one, or bent a page. Reading was a family pastime.

Tell me the story again, mom.

Tell me the one about…

Then one day my mother did a strange and wonderful thing. She brought home an electric typewriter. She, being a curious cat herself, encouraged curiosity in her three kids. She showed us all about it. And then she opened a window into a new world. She showed us how to load a page and just started typing.   She started a story about a mamma bear. It was good. And she did it right off the cuff. She knew how; and her fingers were really fast. Imagine! I had witnessed the birth of a story, for the first time. Amazing! What a beautiful event for a child to witness.

She spoke her story out loud as she typed for a while. It was nice. She was good. Mom never finished that story. She bought the typewriter for work, and she did that mostly. But she encouraged us to ‘play’ with the typewriter when she wasn’t using it.  She always said she dreamt of being an author of children’s books. She would write on a beach in the Florida Keys. She loved the Keys and spoke of them often. She moved to North Hollywood when I was born, so I’ve never been. I’d like to go. That is, if I could go with my mom and write stories on the beach.

Fashion Is Functional Art Gone Oh-So-Friggin-Fabulous! Why Fashion is One of My Favorite Art Forms

Fashion interacts so purposefully with it's subject

Fashion interacts so purposefully with it’s subject

It’s the only art where the client gets to participate in the artistic expression with each wear. Imagine if you could wear your favorite painting to work – and accessorize?!?  No matter how beautiful, it’s going to get uncomfortable very quickly.  Don’t try it.  Don’t try making it into those iron on decals either because they make you sweat terribly.  Or so I’ve heard…

Fashion Is The Highest Form of Functional Art

Fashion Is The Highest Form of Functional Art

Consider fine art, like the painting we agree is unwearable, – all it has to do is sit on the wall.  Nothing is demanded of it.  It’s utterly pampered.  The very fancy ones have guards and velvet ropes protecting them.  But fashion, art you wear, has to move with you, go where you go, wear comfortably(ish), wash and dry (or dry clean) repeatedly, and still stay jaw dropping fabulous.  Fashion interacts so purposefully with it’s subject.  It can protect, reveal, …anything you need it to be, or make you anyone you need to be. 😉  Fashion is the highest level of art.  It rises to the occasion daily, meeting practicality with glamour and functionality with fantasy. Fashion is functional art gone oh-so-friggin-fabulous!  So take time to appreciate the art walking all around you today.  Don’t be afraid to let people know you like it. 😉

My Mission Dolores Park Exhibit

If you are coming to town to visit this June, you might want to check out Dolores Park.  They just upgraded their bathrooms, and it’s always beautiful.  See for your self:

[Click on any image, within a series to see the series larger.]

There are friendly folks all around

Epic Views From Afar

Beautiful Things Up Close

And I’d say the best playground around!  Yeah!  I claim that!

Welcome to San Francisco; I hope you enjoy it here!  =)

Animal Inspirations: A Butterfly and A Gorilla

I saw a really cool profile picture on Twitter.  I did a Google image search, and found it on the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP-UNEP) Facebook page.  Unfortunately, it did not say who the photographer was, but the watermark read “OVG.”  It must have been an incredible moment catching this on camera.  I mean it’s awesome isn’t it?  It was fun to draw too.  Here’s how it went:


Great Site To Find Fresh Fruit Growing In Your Neighborhood

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.08.07 PM is a website that maps edible trees planted around the world.  Search by your zip code to find where there is food growing nearby.  For example, did you know there is an olive tree on the corner of Arguello & Lake St. in San Francisco?  Here’s what says about it:

Olive Olea europaea

[1x] Olive (Olea europaea). Owned by Bureau of Urban Forestry.  This source is on public land.

Or, in Kingman, AZ, where the HWY 93 meets the 40, there is an pecan tree. says:

Pecan Carya illinoinensis

Quality Very Good (1) Yield Very Good (1)  This source is on public land.

Wonder what free produce is around your neighborhood?  Have a fruit tree with more fruit than you can handle?  Give and receive at!

A Photo Shoot with Sammy & Lilly